Constable Leo M. Bullock, III was first elected to the office of Constable in 1984. He currently serves Precinct 58 at the pleasure of the citizens of Mobile County whom entrusted him to this elective office. As a member of the local Republican Party, Leo recognized the real need for citizens to become more involved in local government. If you were to ask him today, he would quickly explain "that too often many hard working citizens have fallen victim to serious felony crime and only get excuses from elected officials". He believes we all can certainly try to do better than this.

Becoming a Constable under Alabama Law gave him the ability to help provide the much needed assistance to the citizens of Mobile County. Having attended high school locally and studied at Springhill College, he continued his path with completion of The Police Academy and training from the U.S. Department of Justice and he successfully completed training on drugs with the Drug Enforcement Agency, Las Vegas, NV. He was recognized by the Honorable Albert P. Brewer, Governor of the State of Alabama, for the outstanding job he was doing for the people of Alabama. The Governor commented on how great his contribution is to the welfare and safety of all the people of Alabama.

Having earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1957, Leo recognized that elected officials had a great responsibility to being more accessible to the youth in the community. He felt we were losing too many good kids to a path of drugs and crime and their lives were too important to let this happen without doing something about it. Today he continues to spend much of his time with high school students and others sharing and giving a little helpful advice to deal with the many difficult problems our youth encounter as they sometimes have no one to listen and talk with about their concerns.

Leo is one of the founders of the Mobile County Constables Association and has served as its president and now serves as a board member. He also is a member of the Alabama Constable Association, past president and currently serves as a board member. He is also a member of the National Constables Association serving 25 years as secretary-treasurer and is currently on the board of directors.

In 1992, he was honored at the NCA Convention in Las Vegas, NV, with the Extraordinary Service Award for his efforts to help establish a better understanding of the Honorable Office of Constable, America's First and Oldest Law Enforcement Officer. He proudly explains that all law enforcement owes its heritage to the office of constable. The word COP comes from constable on patrol.

He helped recognize the need for positive public relations for the office of constable and set out nationally, to put the office of constable on the map as the Peoples Police. Then in 1993 he was recognized by NCA and awarded the Constable of the Year Award. He was also presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 from the Mobile County Constables Association.

In 1992, he received a letter from the City of Prichard that his presence is symbolic of the spirit of cooperation and goodwill between various agencies that will only help to foster greater pride and encouragement among groups working towards the mutual goal of providing the best public services possible, whenever possible.

April 03, 2009, Tucson, AZ, Leo was presented with the Chairman of the Board Award of NCA. He was recognized for his professional leadership of the NCA. It was noted that he had helped make the oldest name in Law Enforcement appreciated, respected and remembered. His strong belief that standards, training and accountability must be essential in order to give the best that we can be.

With his vast knowledge he is recognized as an authority on the office of constable both in his state and on the national level. He has spent time with 32 states to help establish additional duties that best serve the needs of its citizens and is now recognized as one of the most cost effective systems in America today. He has served on the City of Mobile Public Safety Advisory Commission to the former Mayor Mike Dow. Leo knows that the visibility of officers in uniform and marked vehicles is our strongest deterrent against crime and that the office of constable is answering this need at no cost to the tax payers.

He recognizes that without citizen involvement, the battle on crime that plagues communities cannot be won. Citizens are the key factor necessary along with law enforcement to assure their community of a safer environment. It is together that we take a bite out of crime.

Leo is married. He and his wife Patricia, have two sons and two daughters who have always been a supportive part of his public service. He is a member of St Mary's Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus, Friendly Sons of St Patrick and a mystic society. He has been recognized by the Biltmore's Who's Who.