What is a constable?

The constable is an elected law enforcement officer. The Code of Alabama charges them with keeping the peace, enforcing traffic laws and civil process. They are also granted the power of Forest Warden and are able to supress fires.
Constables are the original peace officers in America, coming from a heritage in England. The term COP stands for Constable on Patrol.

How do I become a constable?

In Alabama, you can be elected by the people of your precinct or appointed by the Governor. Election years are the same as the presidential election.

What is the range of a constable's salary?

Constables do not make a salary or any earnings from tax money. Constables are paid from the court fees for papers they serve or tickets that they write. These fees are paid by the wrongdoer, making the constable system the most cost effective law enforcement agency in the world.

What about their vehicles, uniforms, firearms and other equipment?

All of these items are purchased outright by the constable. There is no stipend or allowance provided.

Who oversees constables?

Since constables are elected they answer most directly to their voters, just like other elected officials. Concerns with the actions of a constable should be brought before the District Attorney's Office or the Alabama Ethics Commission.