Press | August 19, 2014 | Mobile County Constable says training will weed out "bad apples"

MOBILE, Ala.(WALA) – FOX10 News Reporter Renee Dials continues to investigate the controversial law enforcement group, constables.

As she told you last week in an exclusive report, some Mobile County Constables have felony convictions and at least one of those constables is still serving.

We’ve also learned that a lack of standardized training is also a serious concern.

There are about 90 constables in Mobile County. Leo Bullock talked to Renee Monday about their contribution to...READ MORE.

WKRG News5 | June 22, 2013 | The Need for Higher Standards for Alabama Constables

Leo Bullock, a man who has served as a Mobile County Constable for thirty years, is hoping the next legislative session will set higher standards for the oldest law enforcement office in the state.

A bill in the 2012 session failed. It would have set standards and training minimums for those who decided to run for the office.

There are slots for 99 constables in Mobile County, one for each precinct. Many run unopposed. Others who are elected fail to pay bonds and effectively vacate the office. There are perhaps two dozen now who wear a uniform, pay for their own cars and guns.

Constables are certified by the state as law enforcement officers,...READ MORE. | November 07, 2012 | Mobile County constables pull in the votes during Tuesday's election

Mobile, Alabama - Leo Bullock III serves warrants and court orders, assists in traffic control following events and church services, and isn't afraid to console someone who runs afoul of the law.

While he may not be a police officer, he considers himself to be the next best thing - he's a constable.

"I'm in uniform seven days a week," Bullock said todays. "People know me. They see me. I have a marked vehicle. I'm a big deterrent on crime."

Bullock has been a constable in both Midtown and West Mobile since 1984, and after Tuesday's election,...READ MORE.