Constable Odis Johnston

Odis Johnston is the constable for Precinct 81.

Constable James Nelson

James ( Jimmy) A. Nelson Jr., was born in Mobile, AL in 1948 and attended Ben C. Rain H.S., graduating in 1967. During that time in school Jimmy was a Mobile Junior Police Officer where these youths worked directing traffic during Mardi Gras, the Senior Bowl and the Azalea Trail Run. Jimmy later became a sworn Police Officer with M.P.D. in 1972. While on the force Jimmy worked in Patrol, Traffic Motor detail, and C.I.D. as a helper to solving numerous burglaries that had been committed in Mobile. Jimmy retired from M.P.D. in 2000 where he worked for Mobile Bay Harley Davidson as their Motorcycle Safety Instructor. Since that time Jimmy, and others, opened Gulf Coast Motorcycle Safety LLC where they teach others how to ride a motorcycle safely. Jimmy joined the Constable Office in 2004, and is now reelected to Precinct 22 in West Mobile. Jimmy is a Motorcycle Officer that stays certified as a solo rider by completing a Police Solo Motorcycle class with M.P.D. and he rides with their Motor Corp during Mardi Gras and several charity events through the year. Jimmy is APOST certified and has completed several classes while in his law enforcement career including being Taser Certified, Radar Certified, Handgun certified, UTC certified, as well as certifications in accident report writing and other reports needed in law enforcement.

Constable Wayne Kelly

Wayne Kelly is the constable for Precinct 5.

Constable Jack Seibert

Jack Siebert is the constable for Precinct 55.